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Influenza Vaccine 2017-18

Dubin Medical inc. is proud to offer Influenza vaccine.  We offer all formulations for Adult and Pediatric use.

  • 10 Dose Vials
  • Pediatric Syringes
  • Single Dose Vials
  • Adult Pre-Filled Syringes
  • Adult Intradermal Syringes*
  • High Dose Syringes

*Fluzone Intradermal Pre-Filled Syringes Are Now Available!

The 0.1cc Pre-Filled Syringe comes with the 1.5mm needle and is FDA approved for ages 18 - 64.  Save time and money while offering your patients the latest in comfort and vaccine technology.  No assembly required, no needles to buy, it's ready to go straight from the package.  Contact your representative for pricing and availability.

Be Prepared:

Dubin Medicals Pre-Book program facilitates the distribution of influenza vaccine and supplies to your high risk patients and health care workers.

Individuals at risk:

  • Persons 50 years of age and older.
  • Residents of long term care facilities.
  • Persons with chronic medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes.
  • Children receiving long term aspirin therapy.
  • Pregnant women in the second or third trimester during influenza season.
We are Pre-Booking now!  Click on the live chat at the top of the page and order today or
call your National Account Representative @ 800-929-4364.

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